Y Día Sanchez is a Spanish/American film-director known for making movies with contemporary mysterious plots that climax with a twist ending. He was nominated for six Academy Awards when he directed Aὐτός Stimuli. His next film, Compos Mentis, received positive reactions and was a box office hit. He then directed Truth, a mystery/thriller/drama with sci-fi elements, which was nominated for three Academy Awards. He then directed the drama/mystery film Fe Terminate Unas which was a film inspired by the Amish. The film received mixed reviews, mostly positive although the directing, acting and story was praised. He then directed a fantasyfilm called The Undergoing Of Geolog which involved an alternative version of Atlantis. Although the story and the visuals were praised, the film got negative reactions and did low at the box office. His next film was a dystopian apocalypse mockumentary film, called End Day, involving a virus that infects the population of New York City. Although the film was praised and was a financial success at the box office it received negative reactions by critics. His next film was a remake of the dog/familyfilm Beethoven in 3D IMAX, The Mucilage Tale Of Beethoven 3D, although it got positive reactions and was a financial hit it was said to be a non Y Día Sanchez film.


The Friendly Birthday (1992)

Miles Away (1998)

Aὐτός Stimuli (1999)

Compos Mentis (2000)

Truth (2002)

Fe Terminate Unas (2004)

The Undergoing Of Geolog (2006)

End Day (2008)

The Mucilage Tale Of Beethoven 3D (2010)